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While playing League of Legends, this BR Derp said something legendary after being repeatedly raped. He continuously ran into the middle of the enemy team with no support and then cried when we didnt charge after him when he was already almost dead. We still won, but this made my night.

So much truth

So much truth

I couldn’t stop listening to it, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

Rameses B.- Arrow in the Knee (Dubstep mix)

Tonight I finally got to see Motionless in White!!!! I was so stoked, especially after having to miss them at All Stars tour over the summer. Chris was nice enough to chat and take pictures after too. Great night!

Whoa there!


FUN FACT!: This was actually my first completed levitation photo before I took the time to create my other “masterpiece”! This one only took me 30 minutes compared to a whopping 5 hours to complete the other one *phew* 

Yours truly,


My beautiful lady is talented with photoshop… Plus she has a really cute booty ;)

I Fucking dare you to tell me that we are not meant to be together….. I swear, I fucking dare you……

I am sitting here crying my eyes out at 3am, because after watching Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind for the first time, I miss holding my girl more than anything. One look at our pictures, and I am missing her to the point of pain, and I know I don’t get to see her for way to long… I miss my babygirl…..

yes please.

yes please.

I miss this so damn much right now. I dont want to wait until June for this again. Universe, please help me…

My Friends little asian pug Girl haha.

CocoRosie- God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me

God I love this song. I heard it with my babygirl on our official first date. I think this will always be one of our songs.

The Devil Wears Prada- Dead Throne

I love how they open up their album!